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So ... Anyone else been to Vulcan ???

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    Ah yes that is a nice photo Bunicula ( nice necklace too   lol ).

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    The May issue of the magazine put out by the Smithsonian has some good info on Star Trek TOS, I wish them good luck trying to sell those copies   lol. 

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    badenwurtca wrote:

    I've started watching TOS on the new discs. They did a very nice job in getting the shows redone, it's like watching a movie ( very clear picture ). However they do not have the episodes in order, for example the first disc has: episode 6, then 8 and also 2, very odd   lol.

       ---   Well I've made it thru the 1st season of TOS, even with the very random order that the episodes were placed onto the discs. I'm happy to report that I remembered them all, mind you some episodes were not that clear in my memory, not having seen some of them for many years. Now I'm going to go thru these episodes in the correct order and dig into things a little deeper. 

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    For those of us living way up North here I'm glad to mention that Canada Post has started selling sets of Star Trek stamps, good idea that. 

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    I say Captain old bean, this thread seems to be limping along on impulse power alone   lol.

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    Anyone out there who has an extra $ 100,000 dollars laying around ? Well it seems that a certain gent living in Ticonderoga NY is a Star Trek fan with some extra cash. Yes he just happened to have " 100 large " laying around and spent the cash to recreate several Star Trek sets including the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. I gather that a couple of short films have been made there and shown on YouTube. These sets are now to be used as tourist attractions so you have wanted to have your photo taken right there on the Enterprise here is your chance ( Btw don't forget your Star Trek uniform   lol ).   

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    It seems that there are  quite a lot of clowns out there on the internet. I see that some characters over on YouTube claim that there is a " Lost Episode " of Star Trek TOS out there somewhere. They have spliced together a few scenes from real episodes ( and also a couple of out-takes ? ) and are now claiming that this was a real episode that has never been shown anywhere, yeah sure go ahead and pull the other leg now   lol.

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    Where is Scotty when you need him ( that darn Transporter is on the fritz again   lol ).


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