Supernatural Discussion


Do anyone think that supernatural things do exist? I think it does exist but we are not able to figure it out. To detect supernatural stuffs one must have supernatural organs. Wizard and witches have the supernatural organs, that is why they can see,touch & move supernatural objects. Now i am going to share something from an old book about magic and extra-ordinary art.


Supernatural: The things and affairs which are not originated or perform according to common natural rules and easily prevail on natural rules or things are called Supernatural.

Magic, white art, Dark art, Arcane art, Mystic art, Spell etc. are known as common type of supernatural things.

The Basic Design of magic or extra-ordinary arts -----

  • Wish/will
  • Mystic / magical energy in specific form
  • Script
  • Contact/communicate
  • compiler

Wish: The performer must wish/want something and it must be meant to create spell.The spell will created in the name of wisher. His/her Will power must be strong enough. Any kinds of hesitation weakens the strength of spell.It must be well defined. Otherwise it will not work.

Mystic Energy: It provides power to the compiler to launch spell. There are various source of mystic energy. Such as moon light at full moon, first drop of rain, fire created by magical fuel or rituals, force from magical stone etc.

Script: It is actually the core spell which guides what to perform,how to perform, what not to do, when to perform and every necessary instructions to make a complete script. Otherwise it will not work properly.

Contact: The work must be connected with the things on which the spell will be cast.

Compiler: After completing of  spell making , one must compile it with strong compiler to get better result.There are various compiler. Such as wand made of bones, magical ash , Pentagon marked pot or board etc.


If you consider God supernatural, then many don


If God Does exist , it is supernatural. If it does not exist, then it is not our problem anymore.


Various supernatural ability:

Power to perceive future events before they happen.
Users have the ability to foresee possible futures and observe what may happen. As knowledge of the future invariably causes that future to change, visions of the future are subject to frequent shifting. While not being able to select futures or travel through time, these visions may assist in possible courses of action.



The power to fully interpret and replicate the emotions, moods, and temperaments of others. Users are often called Empaths.


The power to discern events of the past. Opposite power of precognition.It is called backward knowing or flashback power.


Mind reading:

The power to sense the thoughts of people.
The user can sense the thoughts of other people, usually hearing them like ordinary speech, but possibly by other senses such as sight. Usually they sense the surface thoughts (including other mental communications), but they can also learn to push farther into subconscious and memories.



Power to read/sense, communicate with and/or affect billions of minds at once.


The power to perceive the residual information of an object and/or person by using senses.

The user obtains historical memories or sensations concerning beings and objects they can observe by their senses. With objects they gain the knowledge including the makers, users, and even those who have on passing used the object, and what has been done with it. With living beings or parts of the body the user learns their general life-history, but doesn't gain anything of what they were thinking or feeling.


wow! very nice topic.


Do you have any Supernatural power? If not then go stop.


Yes, i have supernatural power. Such as tactics, mind reading, compelling, Spell binding abilty.


Tactical Supernatural Abilities:

The ability to be an extremely skilled strategic genius and apply this skill for several objectives. Sub-power of combat perception.

The user can create strategies and plans several steps ahead of the opponent seeming like the user can see into the future.The user is able to elaborate complex plans and strategies and apply them in not just in battle but any other activity that involves cunning intellect. E.g Strategic games. Most of the users of this ability are very analytical and can understand or anticipate the enemies moves.

Other abilites with this kind of power:

  • Strategic Planners are masters of psychological intuition and are very charismatic, some are very skilled deceiving masters.
  • They can adapt to any situation and be prepared for any eventual situation.
  • They tend to plan even the smallest details.
  • They can possess armies of loyal followers.
  • The user is, most of the time, two steps ahead of a certain situation.


  • Users are vulnerable against Unpredictability.
  • May be corrupted or overwhelmed by their own intelligence making user arrogant or underestimate the opponent

really? how? share it with us. Tell us how we can have supernatural abilities.


If you do not share, you are tricking us.


I have already shared manything. The abilities and knowledges are gifted. But any one can achieve it by using his/her hidden potentiality.


TY for posting Earth 64. This is wonderful ! I'm a transparent who, in my first life, helped my mother watch over My Queen Catherine de Medici's Rose Garden in the 1550-60's.

Tell me about your thoughts of Halloween. I died in 1575 (@ age wasn't good) on Halloween nite. My second birth was Halloween 1975....400 years later. So, here I am !....I'll be 41 on October 31st this year....Smile....

Keep posting. I hope this conversation keeps going.



Halloween is celebration to remember the dead who were saint,martyrs or heroes. Someone thinks it had pagan root, someone thinks it originated from christianity.
However,That's a wonderful festival to remeber the forgotten Ghost.

I know a medium/shaman who often summons spirits especially in halloween. He helped me to talk with Adolf Hitler. I know many thing about him and his time. I also talked with many historical personality such as Einstein,Shakespear and many others.

CensoredReality wrote:
What did adolf hitler tell you?

He told me that he wanted be like Alexander the Great.

Me: Why did  you invade other contries ?

Hitler: I wanted to be like Alexander the Great. If Alexander's conquest is admirable, if Btitish colonism is legitimate, why not the mine ?

Me: Why did you attack North Africa, Europe, Russsia, America at the same time?

Hitler: Yep, that was my mistake. Sometimes Power makes anyone over confident, that forces you to neglect opponent. Moreover i was wrongly informed about opponent's strength. Besides America diplomatically  ensured me that they would not be involved, if i invade russia.I was too fool.