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Support a musician chess.com member with your vote !

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    You probably know Radiohead. They have launched a "remix competition" of their new song "Reckoner" in which everybody may take part.

    I love chess but I also love music, that's why I've taken part. Here is where you can listen to and vote (by simply clicking the "+" button) for my remix (if you like it, of course... Wink) :


    (my remixer nickname is Darkley)

    Thanks !


    PS : if listening does not work under firefox, try IE... Smile

  • #2

    Your remix is awesome :O

    I prefer your version than the official one !!!!

    Vote done.

  • #3

    Awesome - you got my vote as well :)

  • #4

    I can't understand why you are not first yet...

  • #5

    sadly, it seems more successful to make a tektonik remix...

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