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what kind of bug

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    I have a one day/move corr.game running at this moment where I dont move since last 2 months.neither me or my opponent has premium .it shows "<60 seond left" all the time.still I dont lost.Is that normal?WTF Tongue out

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    It don't sound normal to me. Post the link so others can look at this fascinating glitch and if it bothers you that much, contact the staff directly via Help & Support.

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    here it is


    it dont bother me.looks like the game will remain unfinised for ever as my opponent also dont bother for it.

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    why not just move, they haven't been online since last year, it will be over in a day?

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    Last_Check   You should report this to get credit for the win, although that would remove the game and this apparently unique glitch from further viewing.

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    it's not a 'unique glitch', it's because the opponent has settings as 'do not claim the win because of time' or whatever the actual precise wording may be, no doubt you will be able to correct  Smile

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    @Charlotte  I'm glad you corrected me, my own setting is to claim the win automatically so I never saw this before and made a bad ASSumption here. Also the 60 seconds threw me off because I also have a setting to go on auto-vacation instead of losing on time, and chess.com usually puts me on "vacation" with an hr or more left on my clock.

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    no worries


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