who do you think will win the 2010 fifa world cup?

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    i think brazil will win, but personally i like england and germany.

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    I think france and italy has good player and has capiblity to win 2010 world cup .

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    Australia or New Zealand !

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    Spain over Holland!

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    Holland over Spain!

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    and by the way you say netherlands not holand.
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    and Holland is spelt with two 'L'

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    And by the way one should capitalize proper nouns and the initials of sentences, and use the proper grammatical syntax, in this case to indicate what one should do, which is what is being referred to, rather than to state what one does, which is in this context a patently false statement.

    I.E. one should not be a weenie about correcting others.

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    Thanks for reiterating my prior sentiments.

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