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Why I Luv the DH in Baseball !

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    i know you're watching closely, baddy!

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    Yes I'm very happy that the Blue Jays are doing well. Btw another item from the Sports World is that Arnold Palmer has passed away at age 87.

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    Things have slowed down a bit for the Blue Jays. They have not kept up their run production and their relievers are having problems. Toronto has lost the lead in the AL East and is barely holding onto a wild-card spot ( scary stuff ).

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    That is a good question AlCzervik. Perhaps being from Ireland the fellow does not know the DH term and somehow got the threads mixed up.

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    well, if lekderp had actually looked at the thread, it would be obvious, no?

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    it's obvious to the last idiot on the planet, but tell me something alczervicalimplant, is it so obvious to a moron that 168 is divisible by 8,7,6,4,3 and 2 by just giving a look at the number or he needs an octopus ala bolangnese as well, just in case.

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    AHA ! We have another attempt to hi-jack a thread !

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    if you tell me what either post has to do with baseball or the dh, i'll listen. short of that, leave the geometry and division to one of your own threads.

    my bet is you want attention. find it elsewhere.

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    don't know really, been told that it's fake, but bolgnese sounds familiar as well

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    you admit you don't know, so, leave the discussion.

    and, that's as nice as i'll be.

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    Getting back topic, I just checked on the standings. The Red Sox, the Indians and the Rangers are the Division leaders in the AL ( the Orioles & Blue Jays are the Wild Card teams ). In the NL the Nationals, the Cubs and the Dodgers lead the Divisions ( the Mets & Giants are Wild Cards ). Good News for Cub fans, there is a chance   lol.  

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    haha! yeah, but we still get nervous, no matter the chances, 'cause we've been down this road before with no success.

    regarding the one game playoff, i think it's another of bud's failures. what, 162 games isn't enough? 

    it's just another money grab.

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    Yes I guess they need more income to pay these bigger salaries for the players. The playoff game worked okay for the Blue Jays earlier today, they will now play against the Rangers.

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    why is this s*it still here, not him, someone else

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    it's the nature of the bees

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    leklerk1 wrote:

    why is this s*it still here, not him, someone else

    your "contributions" are worthless. do you ever think before posting?

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    I hear that the Jays won over the Rangers by a score of 10 to 1 ( off to a nice start ).


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