Wish Japan all the best!



Kon'nichi wa,

I hope Japan is recovering from the earthquake. I wish all the best to Japan to recover from this disaster.

I have seen pictures of the disaster that struck Japan and the tragedy was truly devastating. But, what I found most amazing was the great resilience shown by the people of Japan in this moment of crisis. People were so calm and showed great attitude in maintaining such great discipline starting in forming queues outside the phone booth waiting for their turn, or while forming queues at the sub-ways etc. This is really incredible and it clearly shows, people of such resilience and discipline will overcome the current crisis and come on top.

Again, wishing all the best to Japan. You will soon recover from this and will be on the way to prosperity and health.





Yesterday I talked with a friend who lives there ....

Really is almost amazing how these people are transferred such severe shock.
They are all scared, but still strong and full of of power.
They are aware that they must, and will overcome even this crisis.
They trust to their experts, and they know that they are able to resolve these problems to one way or another.

Really is strong will of these people.

I hope that their lives as soon as possible be back to the normal route. I believe in them. I wish them all good.


       I am sure the Hearts of All go out to those who are suffering in Japan as the result of this devastating natural disaster in Japan. It seems we are reminded annually just how fragile our lives truly are. Surely all compassionate people will give of themselves to end the suffering of the innocents. Perhaps in some small way this will serve to promote understanding that we are all in this together.


i totally agree with you !!!