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Would anyone like to chat?

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    Hello anybody

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    I totally would, were I not at work.  :D

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    awwwww :/

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    What do you do?

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    Freelance writer and author.  :)

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    I'd love to talk.

    My bf is a sports journalist. What do you write about?

    Do either of you do anything in your spare time? I like to create things

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       i see your from grantham. I live in gainsborough. I Dont usually see many people from lincolnshire on chess.com .

    I will have to give you a game sometime.  Laughing

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    If you like. I know one other that playes on here from the area. What's your name? You theopenfile had no information in it. Smile

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    I have updated my profile page now, My names Harry.  I work as a forester

    and currently i am studying photography.

    What kind of things do you create ? 

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    All sorts. At the min i have two paintings on the go a necklace, my cooking and music (messing about on my guitar) and i want to make a sculptural clock. I really should pick my keyboard up so i can play on that again.

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    I enjoyed photography when i was at college but i just play about with my digi cam now :o/

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    Surprised You sound very Arty , no wonder you play chess. I will have to show you some pics of some wood carvings/sculptures i have carved while i studied greenwood work.  

     What sort of music do you like? 

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    Ooooo yes please

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    lol lots of diffrent types of music.

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    Vampire weekend, Jessie j, David Guetta, CeeLo Green, Adele, Mark Ronson, zutons, Katey B, Dizzee Rascal, Alex Gaudino, The feeling, Calvin Harris, Cake are some artists i like.

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    Surprised Have you been watching The Voice.

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    Hi fellow chess players

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    No i've not heard of The voice before.

    Hello there :)

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