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You Play Chess, Who Plays You??

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    How much in control are we really??

    When we ask the deep questions, who am I?? Why am I here?? What is my purpose??

    These questions are not easily answered.

    We are a product of our environment. 

    If we had been born somewhere else we would be somebody else.

    Yes it all comes down to the nature nurture debate.

    Where you are brought up will affect your thought process thus affect how you respond to situations.

    Some people would argue that even your DNA can be affected by your environment.

    Can we really judge another??

    If we had walked in their shoes would we have chosen a different path??

    Do you believe that you are making choices in your own life??

    If I gave you 1000 choices instead of 10 would that make you feel more free??

    The bigger your cell becomes the more free you feel??

    Let us ask these questions from a point of understanding 

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