App for HTC HD2?


Hello chess people! I just got a new phone on thursday and I cannot find an app to run on it. The phone is the HTC HD2... quite a lovely phone but it would be even more loevly with a app. I searched the apps store and cannot find it. Any help? Does anyone know if or when will come out with an app?  I really need an app because I logged on via the internet but wan not able to move my pieces., please help me!


I don't have a phone, but do you mean you want to download the app to your phone? you can do that here -

Mobile -

Iphone -

Android -

Palm Pre -

I know that you only need the phone, I was just listing the other's in case other people come along so they don't need to make another thread :)


I tried the but it wont load on my phone.  It runs windows software and I think I need an App.


Unfortunately, your phone is a Windows Mobile phone, and I know that doesn't have an app for your phone. I've not heard whether or not they are working on one, but honestly, I'd be surprised if they were. Windows Mobile is dying... :-( Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.