How can I get past 1000!!!???

Hi, I’m stuck at around 900 points, occasionally peaking at over 1000 points but my goal is to achieve somewhere closer to 1200. Feel free to look through my games and post advice below! Thanks
Please note, all of this is in blitz, I can’t find the time for full games at the moment 🙁
You have only played 21 games. I think you just need to play as many games as possible and do tactics every day.

Just continue playing. Solve tactics problems everyday.


Study this.


The Principles of the Opening -- for Beginners!


 don't hang your queen like you did on the 4th move of one of your games?



I had a look at another game where you lost a rook early on, then let your pieces fall one by one including the queen.

You need some very basic lessons on how to play chess.

I'd say stop playing blitz for now.



I will be honest, before reality strikes you:

you can't pass 1000 any time soon. the only way to pass 1000 is to be patient and keep playing more games for sometime (and do tactics) . You have played very few games and haven't reached your bottom yet. I think you will go below 800, if you continue playing. I am saying this, because your question is very premature, because of how little you have played. If you keep playing, you will reach your bottom soon and then start rising slowly and eventually pass your target.



@NelsonMoore, as forgot to mention that most of those recent games weren’t me!! I think maybe the last 5 were my sister. Sorry for confusion

you will go over 1000 if you dedicate 20 minutes a day to chess



Here are some playlists on youtube that should help you out:


Chess Fundamentals - John Bartholomew


Beginner to Chess Master - Chessnetwork


Take some lessons. I am going to with chessmaxusa. Hope I can be able to reach 2000 someday :)

Exercise tactic every day . Dont lie to yourself. Chess elo rating will payback to u if you pay time to study on chess
I think the secret to any rank increase is (recursively) to study your own games. Meaning, studying your play after it gets better and better.

Personally, I associate the rating I truly deserve with my tactics rating. I recommend doing more lessons and then applying that to your tactics puzzles. That way you will feel the difference the lessons make. Also, always to re-attempt your failed tactics puzzles.

Anyway, I looked over some of your games and suggest perhaps to try new openings. Rather than Queen’s Gambit as white and Queen’s Pawn Symmetrical as black, you might want to take on the Scotch Gambit and the Sicilian Najdorf. Since I started learning these openings my rating has gone up to about 1300 from much lower and they have been fun to play.

The only quick way to pass 1000 rating is to get beat repeatedly by someone who is around 1400-1600.  You can generally pick up tricks and pointers from folks up to two levels ahead of you, but any more than that and it'll probably be too far above you to figure out what's going wrong.

Play more games.🙂

Sshhhhhnnhhhhhhh no not playing everyday. But only in real chess tournaments


Study more to improve and even better is to use it on all of the types of how to play, either in real life or or other chesssites


play more games,solve more tactics

thumbup.pngZenWeapon wrote:

TACTICS. And Lessons. Playing more will not make you better. You will just do the same things over and over. 
Practice TACTICS and take lessons to learn more strategy. THEN you can play more. I would say don't play at all until you've done at least all the Beginner Lessons on



Beat 1000+ rated player >50% of games. Simple math!!