How did you guys learn chess


I have a vague memory of learning the basics as a kid, but I never really understood it and much preferred checkers. I only got into chess as an adult when I saw the Kickstarter Storytime Chess set. Since I will be student teaching soon, I thought they might make good gifts for my host teachers. And then I thought, if this chess set is designed to teach 3-year-olds how to play, then surely I can learn! So I downloaded an app on my Kindle, one on my phone, and bought Once a Pawn a Time chess set on Amazon to learn how as well. It's a slow process, but I'm glad I found too; this site has been very helpful, and I am now realizing just how much fun chess can be! (I suspect I will enjoy it even more when I actually starting winning. grin.png haha)


Dad, then mom 🤓


This is's sister website.   they have free lessons (20 of them on video)  they also have 'cheat sheets' you know info testing what you've learned.  I'm just sharing the info since it helped me.  I also like the videos here on