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Is there a website with a big list of scholastic over-the-board tournaments?

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    My daughter is getting into chess and I was just looking for a big list of USCF rated chess tournaments for kids.  Thanks.  

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    Found, under.. 'chess tourneys for kids' .. And, Not, the only 'link'.


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    do u live in Texas? if so go to jliptrap's chess tournament and he has a list. if not then idk

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    I might be playing in a scholastic tournament this weekend

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    Here's a list, select your area:




    It lists date; age group, e.g. PK-12; format, e.g. quad/swiss; time, e.g. G30; but no cost.  For cost, contact the organizing club.  Some clubs has discount packages and discounts for club members.  Around here, weekly tournaments cost $25-$35, larger tournaments cost $60-$90 for U1000/U1200.


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    Not every tournament gets a TLA because not every director submits them. Searching on the USCF website for upcoming tournaments is definitely the best start, but also search for local clubs. Many of them have regular tournaments that don't show up in Chess Life or the search function.


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