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Need Help Getting Kids To Take Chess SERIOUSLY...

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    Can anyone recommend a chess app that goes to lower levels for chess beginners, for an android?  My 10 year old grandson has an android that's not a phone anymore but can be used with wi fi.  He knows how to play but I though that with a chess program for android he could get better at it. Thanks.

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    Fortunately, most of the ten weekly chess classes I teach are filled with students who have been with me a year or more. However, I do go into schools that either are starting a chess class/club for the first time or have had problems with their existing chess club. You will find that many students are not willing to put work into their game or don't take chess seriosuly. In this case, I create incentives for active participation. We do in class tournaments as well as prize compititions (such as a minor piece checkmate mini tournament). Another thing you can try in addition to 960 chess is Bughouse. Junior players love Bughouse and playing it does help with the development of tactical thinking. I write a weekly chess column for Grandmaster Nigel Davies in which I address children/ junior chess. Here's a link to the last 90 or so articles I've written. The articles should give you some ideas regarding topics etc:


    I also use analogies that my younger students can relate to such as sports. Unlike many of my teaching and coaching peers, I have my students do homework and they do it because doing homework allows them to earn one on one private lessons with me. Running a chess club is not easy. I'm a fulltime chess instructor and coach so I've been doing this for a long time which makes it easier since most of the problems I encounter, I've encountered before and have solutions that work. My class sturcture is simple. For the first 20-25 minutes, I lecture about a specific chess concept, using a historical game to present the idea we're learning about. After the lecture is finished, my students take what they've learned and apply it to games played during the remaining class time. I use a Socratic teaching method because it engages students in a dialog regarding the material covered in the lecture. Ask your students questions if they don't ask questions. My students know that if they don't ask questions, they'll have to answer questions I ask of them. The logic and reasoning abilities developed through playing chess will aid students in their future, a point chess teachers should always make!

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    Dear Mr Lund,

    Apologies for my tardiness but have just joined!

    Must admit to different frustrations. Although I have tried most avenues to secure funding for equpiment none has been forthcoming either from County or National level. I am a Teaching assistant at a Lancashire Primary school with very keen children. We bought stuff ourselves but wish Chess was viewed with more respect. Good luck to you mate!


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