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Rating and Recognition

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    I'm starting a chess club through my school and I was wondering whether or not this online calculator is true to the internationally accepted Elo rating equation.


    Also, what is the starting rating of a new chess player

    Also, what would one have to do to have this club score recognized by the chess community at large (I.E. their college chess club elo can be their actual elo if they so choose to play in actual tournaments)

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    Not sure if this elo calculator is correct.  Players should start as ungraded and I think you will need to register your club with the main US chess body (not sure who that would be) before you can initiate graded games and request arbiters to be present.


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    New players start as provisional, meaning that they're unrated until they play a certain number of games.

    In order to get your ratings acknowledged by USCF (United States Chess Federation), I believe you'd have to register with them as a tournament director.

    Here's the USCF rating approximation tool if you're interested: http://www.uschess.org/ratings/calculator.html

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    I've created the following chess club rating calculator:  http://www.qa76.net/elo.

    The algorithm I use is from another site, which I provide the link to, so that anyone savvy enough can review the code and see the full formula.

    All such verification aside, I have reason to believe the code is accurate, and I hope the web page interface I created around it is useful.

    I've been using it for my chess club this semester, and it certainly moves the players in my club reasonable amounts based on their wins, losses, and draws.


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    Hello everyone! I present you my new app Chess Elo Calculator. The App calculates resulting Elo with pinpoint accuracy. It is available on IOS and Android. I've added the recent tournament results of Magnus Carlsen with the calculation of our App. I hope you like it!


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    Thanks for your input, RMChess1954.

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    Your welcome FBloggs. I decided since the original post was 9 years ago my input was probably too late.

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    RMChess1954 wrote:

    Your welcome FBloggs. I decided since the original post was 9 years ago my input was probably too late.

    Ha!  I didn't notice that!


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