Bots on mobile app

Martin_Stahl wrote:

Fixed on version v4.2.7-googleplay-210478



I am so glad I searched this! I have been taking lessons, doing the puzzles, playing toms of games, reading books, and Martin beat me handedly the past three times we played. I'm talking barely taking a piece lol.


Today I made a match between an app AI at level 250 and a computer AI at level 1700. 250 won xD.


Hey let's play a chess game before going to sleep. Haaa, let's try a 850 elo bot to relax ... 2 hours later ... "WTF I'm doing, how can a lose every time, this spanish opening is useless, ..."
Welcome to my night ! XD


I only play the mobile bots and they're destroying a nube like me. Also I've suddenly got a record of beating a few of every level including grand masters!


Wow I'm glad I found this thread. For 2 days where I was only able to play on my phone this bug was making me think that not only was I not progressing but also getting way worse since I've been beating the 1000 rank bot on PC but couldn't even beat the 250 bot on my phone. I confirmed I have v4.2.6-googleplay but I couldn't find any updates in the play store...


🙋‍♂️ wow what a relief. thanks everyone. i was throwing a tantrum the past week


I was getting so frustrated by Martin!! I've played the lower rated bots before and couldn't believe I was getting so thrashed. I realised there must be a bug because they weren't playing any 'stupid' moves on their first turns, but (as far as I can tell) standard opening moves. I ended up beating Martin once after super slowing down and going into the analysis board to look at how moves might work (no computer analysis) and I felt so good - but really, it was an amazingly tough struggle. Please fix this! Every now and again I need to be able to play for a nice certain win happy.png