New Profile format


i made no "implication". i stated clearly that total moves is meaningless. i did not beat around the bush.

i never spoke about wins, losses, and draws.

as far as not caring, determining moves per game based on the useless statistic will give you the same result as not caring about total moves-which is nothing. 

as far as being zen on the water, it starts with the raft....


then add some water...


...and contemplate that the effectiveness of your SPF 30 sunscreen is very good letting you relax and enjoy the gentle lapping of water as the Sun beguiles you with warmth. 

Hope the W/L/D against opponents comes back soon too.  Smiles everyone!  Smiles!






Is SPF 30 low? Or high? I do not know these things. 


In other news, it appears that the w/l/d against specific opponents when you go to their page has not yet returned. It would seem that this would be a more essential feature than total moves, so I imagine that we can wait a bit longer before we know whether they are intended to be gone or not, at which case we can really try to clamor for some official feedback, eh.  


Sunscreen causes the cancer


... The issue appears to be entirely resolved: 

Total moves are back (yay) and your overall record against an opponent you have faced is again being displayed whenever you go to their profile. 

Very great job, staff.