Please make 10|2 a standard time control


Please make 10|2 a standard button in live play.

As Fischer's time control is becoming more prevalent in both online and in person tournaments it warrants expanding the options available to players on as well. 10|2 time control is not only used by itself in the PRO chess league, but intuitively it serves the original purpose of the Fischer clock to compensate for the time it takes to make a move without extending the pondering time of each player longer than 10 minutes.  
Please make 10|2 a standard button as opposed to a custom control so players can be matched more frequently as they'd easily find it in the options. It's the better option for people who'd not quite want to play blitz but wouldn't want to commit to much longer rapid games either. The 10|5 option already available would extend the game longer than some might be comfortable with.

Thank you.


I was pleasantly surprised today with a positive response from's support team. Thank you Laura et al for the quick turn around and for passing this suggestion along to your engineering for consideration.


This sounds great, Is there any update on this?


I have not heard anything yet. I did file a support ticket for this and were told that this suggestion will be passed along to the engineering team but that was months ago.