960 ratings not used for tournaments correctly


When a tournament or team match is 960 and has rating limits, the limits are applied to the normal ratings instead of the 960 ratings.  Also the pairings seem to be done by normal ratings, and the normal ratings appear in the pairing tables.  The games themselves come up rated correctly, it only appears to affect other things -- and it affects anything else a rating is used for.


Something should be done to correct this problem. A filter of combining both ratings. and then averaging them together would work. that way, the opponents match up better. Sandbaggers would have to mess-up both of thier ratings,instead of only one. That is the best and only fair way to the help the poor little old sandbaggers to sandbag. Make them work even harder to keep both thier ratings down, so they can cheat in match play. Think about it.


I see this problem was reported 3 years ago, and still it has not been taken care of. I also reported this some days ago in the site feedback suggestion, but received no response. What's the point of having a site feedback forum, if the staff don't respond to it? As a paying member, I would expect more.