Analysis board


I'm having a problem with the analysis board for on-line chess.  It opens when I click "Analysis" and I get my preferred brown squared board.  When I make a new move on it, however, it's replaced by a green squared board (still of my game) and I've been logged off!  I can do my analysis but then have to log back on again.  It used to work fine and I haven't changed any of my settings.  Anybody else experienced this? Help please.


I use the Game Editor a lot on this site (it's linked to the Analysis Board) & I've noticed it displays a green board when I'm logged off but the brown one when I'm logged in - just one of the many quirks of this site !

But your main problem is that you are being logged off the site automatically & it's the second case of this I've come across in the last hour, although it's never happened to me.

Worth checking to make sure your browser & Java are updated to the latest versions.  You might also re-post this on the help & support forum - you'll probably get more of a response than here ...

But if you want, you can always report it directly to the staff...

Good luck with that.


Thanks for your help, Stephen.  That other case you mentioned was me also, so I think I'm the only one who seems to be having this trouble!  Given this, it appears the problem is at my end, as you imply it might be.  I'm now trying another browser (Firefox), although Safari worked without a hitch for about six months!


Good idea about switching browsers - Chrome & Firefox are recommended for this site but Safari has always caused some problems here from what I've read.

Google Chrome has been trouble-free for me since joining so that might be good for you too but the usual advice from the support staff is to ensure all of your software (browsers & Java etc.) is fully up to date with the latest versions.

If you decide you need it, the link to Help & Support is at the bottom of each page (most people never look that far down so don't know how to report problems) - you'd think the designers would make it a little more prominent !
Anybody would think they didn't want us reporting problems - anyway, good luck with that    Wink