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    There is some annoying bug in the android app that when I'm playing with the computer, he repeatedly try to login, and this making me disconnect while playing ("Another login detected"). This made me lose some games of course and it's not so fun to lose because this stupid bug.

    It doesn't matter if I close the application, stop the application process, the app start up again and try to login.

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    Are you logged in on another device or computer? Or did you by chance log in on the browser on your android device? What version of the app do you have installed and what version of android do you have on your device?

  • #3

    I played on my phone, and later, after some hours, I played on my computer. Then in the middle of a game I'm disconnected because of "another device detected..." and I can hear my phone making this noise that it does when starting a game (probably because my game is transfered to my phone, I didn't check)

    I have the latest version of chess.com and Samsung Galaxy s2 (Not sure what version of android, but probably the one before 4.0

  • #4

    Try logging out of the app before you start a game on your computer.  On the homepage of the app- go to the settings and there will be an option to log out there :) 

  • #5

    This only recently started(Last night) but it has been affecting all Android users I know regardless of which phone or version they have.

    It is also affecting those using the blackberry 10 who sideloaded the Android app.

    Granted I can only speak for myself and the 9 Android users I know and 2 Blackberry 10 users. My friends with the Iphone seem unaffected.

    Speaking of which. The blackberry 10 users are wondering when you will begin supporting Blackberry again since the new Berry's came out and the company has come back much stronger than anticipated.


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