Android super slow on live game



Since i've swapped my iphone with android, it's almost impossible to win for me on 3min live games with my (small) level.

Cause : on android the app is super slow + eats time out of nowhere !!... (and that's not my smartphone cause it's a next generation, very fast)

As example, when i played with iphone the pre-move only took 0.1s, now it's 0.3s with android. why ????... The app also 'eats' some time out of nowhere... ex : end of game, the time of the opponent already dropped to 0, but suddenly the app gives him back 1, 2,..., seconds or more, like that, out of nowhere...

That's obviously unplayable like that, that a pain in the ass.






 Perhaps connection lags? 


No. Exactly same wifi/router/3G configurations as before.  I just swapped my iPhone with Android. Much,  much,  very much slower.  And no answer from support.  That sucks. 


I have 3 android systems;

Samsung S7 edge and Samsung Tablet Tab S1 and S2.

On my devices the App run fast and smooth.

I have only a problem of false disconnections that happens sometime, but the speed of the app is ok!


Try to clear che chesscom App cache, uninstall...and reinstall it.