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Can't get to Live?

  • #1

    I just noticed that when I click the "PLAY LIVE CHESS" button, it doesn't take me to live chess, instead it redirects me back to the chess.com home page.  Is there an outage?

  • #2

    Yeah, same happened to me. Any ideas? More exactly, anyone knows how soon they'll fix it?

    LE: Nevermind, they fixed it :)

  • #3

    Yeah it's working again.

  • #4

    When you see the Play Live button, there is a link under it. Can you try that?

  • #5

    Really? It's still not working for me.

  • #6

    Please let me know if it happens again or keeps happening so I can get the re-direct fixed.

  • #7

    Okay now it's working again ^^


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