Hello. I played three games with a player named Luke Cho, rated higher than me. As I was on the verge of winning the game, I suddenly got a message that the game was aborted by the server! The game was then called a stalemate. But when I lost the second game to Cho, I lost points in my rating, which is expected. However, on the third game, I was on the verge of winning again and again a message appeared stating the game was aborted by the server and called a stalemate! I don't think this is a coincidence. Please look into this matter. Someone may have found a hack into the site and it not fair play!

that is strange, you might want to email the site about that


that is very strange he probably was cheating sorry man!


 What about looking into the rules of chess before accusing other people?

Stalemate is a part of the chess rules and if you stalemate your opponent the game is a draw.


 Oh just another bullet player. Not real chess so I don't really care.



Hi, in my case, and im not sure if it is just a coincidence, but there are times that im winning the game then suddenly my chess apps get timeout connection.. i start loosing the time and lost the game, it happen to me many times. Im sure its not an issue with my network connection cause i can play with other players without a problem...


Hello l hear someone cheats, is it possible? Please take a look at my game: FS393 vs tkobr, after three moves he suddenly went off line instead of gentlemanly resigning. The say he does somethings!! Can it be true?


Clock changes are not cheating; not moving is not cheating. Cheating accusations as not allowed in the public forums - if you have concerns that your opponent is cheating, report it via Help --> Report Abuse, rather than posting here.

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