promotional code discount?


Hello! I'm starting to think in a subscription.

Isn't there any promotional discount codes to incentivate new user to suscribe? (southamericans has it hardest for paying)

Thank you!


Not that I'm aware of - there is also no field given for discounts on the checkout screen.


"there is also no field given for discounts on the checkout screen."

That makes things harder! hahaha

It should be. I think is a great idea.


Just my 2 cents:  I would not say it does not cost them any money, we do not know that.  They are putting something into the system as it gets better every day. 

I think the marketing team is doing a greay job.  They have a great product and they do not have to push a discount.  I too am an internet marketer and I do not discount my products and I do just fine.  

If you have a great product and the message is getting out then you do not need sales or gimmicks to make money. 


While I would like to see a discount, as it would help me renew my membership for less, I am glad they are doing well and are able to offer a good product.  I am going to renew my diamond membership.  



i know for chesskid they do group discounts etc. but none afaik for the main site.  you can get free membership if you relay events for them etc. however.