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Conditional moves in live games

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    Conditional moves in livegames would make them a lot easier for people who have difficulty calculating in advance, like myself, as we could play off of expected lines while we wait for our opponent to take his turn.

    I play a lot of chess; I actually play very well when the game has all of my attention, though this is rare. I've medical reasons why I cannot always put forth the attention. I constantly make random game ending blunders, blunders that end up actually costing me games. I'd see them in advance if I could put myself in the opponents seat.

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    I think it may be true, that you would win more games that way in short terms. But on the other hand your visualization and thus tactical planing skills wont increase much if you dont have to go through the steps in your head.

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    I suppose, but it sure makes me pretty horrible at bullet, lightning, and sometimes blitz. I actually learned the other day that it sorta has conditional moves, only one move though. Still better than nothing.

    Care to play a few online or standard games with me?

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    Conditional moves is interesting. I have tried this one, move a piece and when I realize that my move was bad I try to take it back but it wouldn't be.

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    yes sure, why not. I dont have time for standard right now, but i'll challenge you for online.


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