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Connection Interrupted

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    When there's a connection problem, there is absolutely no need for the screen to go white/black and display "MESSAGE:  CONNECTION INTERRUPTED" in the middle of the screen.  In fact it's downright annoying.  Especially when it happens every few seconds, or the connection is "interrupted" most of the game. 

    My clock is ticking, I should be able to see the board. 

    ICC and Playchess do not have this bug, in my honest opinion that makes them clearly superior internet live chess applications when the connection isn't perfect.  I'd really like to see this fixed, all that needs to happen is some indicator perhaps near your clock or on your connection bar to signal that there's a connection problem. 


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    Both players should be able to see the indicators of connection problems. I once lost a game vs a NM because of connection problems! It said I abandoned. I didn't abandon; I lost the connection and it should therefore be recorded as such and not counted against me.

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    What happend when connection interrupted in the middle of the games,before I was lost.


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