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constant disconnection issues

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    What is going on with the site. Over the last few days I've been disconnected in the middle of games when I had full wifi connection and cellular. I just lost a game where the disconnect timer was still counting down, then appeared to reconnect with 18 seconds left but still handed me a loss saying I abandoned the game. The timer hadn't even counted down to zero when it happened. LAME
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    Yes, same here. Lost 4 games like that today.
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    Same here. You shouldn't lose points if you are disconnected. That's not right
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    Exactly the same! Please do something
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    Again and again
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    Yes, it's horrible. The website is too slow!!! During certain hours of the day, I simply can't access the website! Can't they just make it faster? I mean, 17 million members are not that many. How come that sites like Facebook are not as slow?

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    The disconnection treatment is not just fair. It is very easy to understand this unfairness We don't need a lawyer to clarify this. I have lost especially a lot of winning games and points in this way . Again the reconnection mechanism is taking too much time. It feels like playing chess without a chess clock and that your opponent is taking the whole day to make a move. There is also too much of abortion of games due to slowness of the website and yet you keep on sending me warning blame sounding messages for this. Please do something, l Implore.


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