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correct problems, please, or at least ackowledge them !

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    {Yes, of course that's "acknowledge" ]

    Everytime I have a prob at this site 2 things happen.

    The admins ignore it (i.e., fail to comment in threads such as this) &/or some members step forward to claim that nothing could have happened as I describe.

    The BS is getting tiresome.


    TWICE within the past 1/2 hour I was involved in a very short game (!~# min per side) only to have a completely diff game pop up, shunting the first aside & costing me time.



    ...better yet find out what happened, why & stop it.

    Is that really too much to ask ?

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    Not long after I posted that, IT HAPPENED AGAIN !

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    You need to adjust your live settings by going to "settings" in the live interface.  Then click the "play" tab, then uncheck the multiplay box.

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    jwh315 wrote:

    You need to adjust your live settings by going to "settings" in the live interface.  Then click the "play" tab, then uncheck the multiplay box.

    Thanks for the tip. However, that ignores the basic idea that the site shouldn't just arbitrarily throw one into multiple games.

    alekhine wrote:what browser are you using?

    I think it was Explorer (both are available)...but that, too, seems irrelevant.

    It wasn't the browser that put me into multiple games; it was the software at this site, right ?


    I point out that helpful as those posts were intended to be, neither seems to've come from a mod or admin or anyone responding on behalf of CH.COM.

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    Similarly the shiny new drop-down menu will drop down partially obscuring a game in progress if one moves the cursor past it even for an instant.

    Not fun in general; particularly not in a bullet game.

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    Hi, Ghostmirror. Our support staff doesn't frequent the "Suggestions" forum. You can post to the "Support" forum or submit a ticket through the "Help" link at the bottom of all pages.

    The problem with staff responsiveness may be that you are not posting where we can find it. The problem is not — ever! — that we don't believe that you are having problems. But we do need enough information to be able to see the problem ourselves, because what you describe is obviously not happening to us when we play the game. We wouldn't have released it if it was. So here are some common bits of information that can really go a long way towards helping us help you:

    1. What browser and operating system are you using, and if this occurs using different browsers.
    2. What game were you playing. A link to the game will allow us to look up the settings you were playing under, and find any anomalies in our records.
    3. Enough information of any sort that we can duplicate the problem to see it for ourselves. Be a scientist here — document the exact steps you did before and after you see the problem. See if you can deliberately trigger the problem when you follow your steps.

    That all would help. There are a number of problems in Internet Explorer that make it generally unsuitable for many modern web applications. We do recommend that people upgrade to a modern browser, such as Chrome or Firefox.

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    or updated to IE9, is 10 available ? 

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    and to the OP, if you put your comment in the "Help and Support" section (atm is it in the "Site Feedbacks and Suggestions ") you might get a better response there. 

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    kco wrote:

    or updated to IE9, is 10 available ? 

    By the looks of it yes - came out at the end of February. I've recently bought a new laptop running I.E. 9 & it seems it's out of date already !

    Have a look at the following page if you're interested:-


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    As I mentioned, both IE & Firefox are on the computers iI use.

    It might've been either.

    As far as the "staff not visiting the Suggestions Forum"...?!?! Surprised

    One wonders for whom the suggestions are intended ! Yell

    As for the "complaint/problem tickets", I've tried those in the past & got no response/reply, hence they seem pointless.


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