Daily Puzzle Suggestion


Today's impossible puzzle, and the three people who posted "first" in it (presumably bragging that they'd solved it first -- hopefully not something as silly as just posting first) caused me to wonder whether something as simple as witholding the ability to hit the "Help" button on these for the first few hours might nip-this incredibly annoying behaviour in the bud.

Would anyone post "first" who couldn't back it up by being challenged to demonstrate that they'd actually solved the puzzle without the help of the "Help" button?

I don't know if it would work necessarily, but I like the idea in principle (possibly even for 24 hours) even if it does not.



'bump', liked the idea also someone should try and keep the second post empty and allowing it for explanation, variation and origin to the puzzle.


A pitty this got no more posts than ... a corndog... lol

I also like the idea.  I don't like seeing the first page filled with "easy and first" when the next 100 posts are asking why not this or that move.  It would be nice if the first few posters would explain the solution and why some reasonable looking alternatives don't work.


Also I would love to see a feature that records your correct/incorrect attempt at the daily puzzle.  Not to embarrass anyone, but of course the person posting "first" at 2:00 am, literally seconds after the puzzle is put up, didn't even look at the puzzle much less attempt to solve it.

Likewise even on "simple" puzzles it takes me at least 20-60 seconds to make sure the line is correct and to make sure alternatives don't work.  People who are rated 1000 and post "easy even for me, solved in 10 seconds!" and I'm thinking wth?   It's obvious they just tried a bunch of moves until they reached the end.


does anyone remember all the "firsts" in the puzzle that was broken a few months ago?  it actually tamed the first crowd for a while. 

waffllemaster wrote:

A pitty this got no more posts than ... a corndog... lol

The corndog is a sign of stong agreement; Don't disrespect the all-American food.

Corndog ~ Condog