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Draw Offer

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    My suggestion would be to make it much more obvious when a draw is offered.  I've played several games where a draw offer went unnoticed.  Could you have it show up as a popup box or something.  Or big, bold, flashing letters?

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    Yeah, agree.

    But, I've agreed before, and nothing happened.

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    I've usually resorted to putting a comment in the chat box to make sure my opponent sees that I've offered a draw.

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    I was once offered a draw (in the 16 online games i've finished), and i found out about it after the game was finished (thankfully, i won :) when i was going through my mailbox some days later.

    I'm still wondering how a draw offer looks like XD

    So, i agree 100%

    I've considered doing what Casual_Joe said if i was to offer one.


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