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Faulty Daily Puzzle: 2 solutions but can only accept 1

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    Page 1 of Daily Puzzle, where you can find 100+ people stating the problem that 3. Qg5# is wrongly perceived by the puzzle to be incorrect, because the other correct 3. Qd4# was chosen instead.


    The puzzle can only accept 1 of the 2 correct solution moves.

    This is the puzzle:

    Clearly 3. Qg5# is also a valid checkmate but the puzzle will say it's incorrect because it isn't 3. Qd4#.

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    This is only the 2nd time I have seen this, but it's a problem that needs fixing, in the meantime it would be best to avoid any puzzle with 2 equally valid solutions, when the puzzle can only accept 1, wrongly calling the other solution incorrect.

    As already mentioned by others this particular puzzle could be modified to be viable:

    Corrected by changing 2. ... Ke5 to Ke3


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    The puzzle/ tactic doesn't even need to accept a multiple solution, even if it's just dual, 2 equally correct answers, this would solve this problem along with most others & also free up/ enable loads of puzzles/ tactics to be viable, and your existing puzzles would not have to be curtailed, enabling them to continue to a more significant point.

    Is this something you're working on?

    Can any staff answer this question?

    Am I asking in the wrong place?, should I be asking in Help & Support?

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    Use the contact button, they don't often read these forum.
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    Thanks VicountVonJames, I'm sure a member of staff does read this section at least once a week, and there is alot of stuff to wade through.

    Currently on my phone via web, at home I go via app., I have no contact button, maybe you can provide a link?

    This is what I have tried https://www.chess.com/forum/category/suggestions takes me back here.

    https://support.chess.com/ info., but no contacts, except for Click here to meet the team!:

    https://www.chess.com/article/view/about-chesscom Lots of contacts but who?

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    Oh. I'll try get one,
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    I think
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    You'll have to copy it onto your bar. I can't seem to get a blue link.
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    Okay, thanks for that, I'll also go down that route.

    In future to activate your link, turning it blue, simply press return or enter after it wink.png

    Like this:

    https://support.chess.com/customer/portal/emails/new wink.png

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    Or you could highlight the link and right click it and then click on "go to ..."

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    In v3, hover over the little ? in a circle, either beside "help" at the top or on the to right corner of every page (depending on the where you are on the page) and choose the menu item that seems most appropriate.  This will most likely get a better response than using a Support Ticket


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    Thanks CM, I'll follow up your direction thumbup.png

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    Of course, programmers/techs prioritize their work.  They may or may not see this as a anything immediate, but at least it will be on their desks.

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    When there are two equally quick routes to the solution, this will be an oversight on the part of the puzzle maker, as the software will only allow one solution. As you say, Brendan, this 'This is only the 2nd time I have seen this' so. we must make allowances for  'human puzzle maker error' or, come up with some alternative software.  You could go along with 'CM's' suggestion of making a suggestion but, as the site's format has recently been changed, I don't think you'll manage to push the right buttons. 


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