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Feedback & Suggestions For ipod Ap

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    My brother and I like to play chess via iPhone ap. We've used Chess With friends. I have a Diamond membership at chess.com and we recently tried using the Chess.com ap instead and we both want to offer the following suggestions and feedback:

    Under ONLINE (not live) chess, we wonder why opponents' moves are not immediately visible and that, instead, one must exit the board view and go to the menue and "refresh" the game to check and see if the opponent .moved yet, or at least to see what the move is. We find this less than optimal to say the least.

    We find that the tone that "rings" with Chess With Friends" after an opponent moves or sends a message advantagous and wish it was so with the Chess.com ap. To see if there might be a message, one has to, again, leave the board view and CHECK to see if there is one. There seems to be no notification when one has been sent. We find this easy to change and laim as it is.

    Also, I find it highly annoying when I am typing a message, and my opponent makes a move, I'm requested by the ap to refresh the game and immediately lose everything I had been typing! This is a flaw.

    We love the advanatges that make this ap far superior to (the laim by comparison in all other respects) Chess With Friends ap, but feel that the Chess.com ap should make an update and change the things mentioned above.

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    Seems as though the last update took care of those desireables! Cool! Now all we need is VOIP and we're good. ;-)

    Mike in Munich

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    Since i started using samsung galaxy tab thats when i started noticing delays in my game.I used to play the 3-10 mins game b4.It doesnt tell me when opponent is waiting and most times i noticed that a game will be on while the system is telling me my opponent abandoned game.


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