I won't pay for any training features because of 1 thing

Hey chess.com staff top of the morning to ya it's your boy Drewsef thanks for doing a great job making a great community videos app and chess playing platform. All that being said the only thing I want is a customizable spaced repition feature for tactics. Meaning I want to be able to make a problem collection or use existing problems or very important...load my own ...aka be in charge of my own tactics trainingand the program side UI offers spaced repetition on an interval customizable to my choosing. Very simple simon stuff not interested in who agrees or disagrees with the principle of spaced repitition. Don't care don't want to know your opinion or debate on what's effective for learning this is what I want just just update TT to offer this feature and I would estimate I would be willing to pay 20 bucks a month for it. Chop chop. Jk thanks for reading

Unrated mode lets you try a few of those. You can train by theme or only missed tactics for example. Not spaced repetition but it is a bit customizable in that manner.


I already knew this when i posted.. its not nearly as specific or customizable as what im talking about