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If you don't like the new format please join this group!

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    If you don't like the new format please join this group!


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    terrible. slow,dosen't work right. does not take you to the correct page.

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    I's harder to navigate. Its seems to look different look just for its own sake like some versions  of Winows that are different and are harder to use or slower to use.

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    The new format gives me no problems, and am Really ennjoying the new look :)

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    It looks too much like Facebook, and is WAY to slow. Other than that, it is great for getting things done around here.

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    i dont like the new format its too confusing and it doesnt let me click the daily puzzle. :|

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    This used to be a decent site until two days a go.

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    This new format is terrible. Can we have the old one back? Why fix what isn't broken?

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    I think they've tried to copy facebook and started to meddle when it's unnecessary, and of course achieved what facebook achieved, a site that works worse than ever.

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    Thanks what I think, praetorian, but, some unintended benefits may reveal themselves. Likewise, some unintended conciquences may arise as well. I've said this an umpteen times "Just wait as see what it has to offer". Personally, I have no really horrible thing to say about it, but nothing really marvelous either.... :3


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