iPad app features


<p>Hello everyone, Back in the summer I bought an iPad and got the chess.com app. Really loved it and I use it every day. I had a question and request for it though. My question is when you're playing the computer it seams to always use the same opening. I was wondering if it's possible to choose the opening you would play against. My request would be in a further update to add two features to the app - chess mentor and the game explorer. I use these constantly and while you can access them via the website in safari, it would be awesome to see them implemented in a richer way on the app. What are the communities thoughts on that? Any other suggestions? Thanks!</p>


Hello xandorius, when playing against the computer, you can switch sides (3rd icon on the app screen) and take back moves (6th icon), so with a bit of fiddling about you can in practice force it to play any opening you want.


[EDIT] I've just noticed you can also set up a position which is probably a much easier way of achieving the same thing!