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I tried pbchess out on my Kindle 3g UK and it works great. At least so far. It needs activation to work for longer than 5 minutes but it seems worth it so I bought it.

(edit) Just got activation code - nice chess program. I'm very impressed.


Now I hope that makes a kindle app or makes the website kindle friendly so I can play on-line without having to struggle with my small phone screen or boot my PC.





Chess education project started on

pbchess - released!

This version - a huge leap forward compared to

What's new:

1. Added support for comments and variations. A comfortable view of the games with comments and variations! (Examples of games in PGN-format will soon appear on my site), screenshots - here.
2. A dialog will customize the appearance of a large number of settings (display coordinates boards, borders, header, etc.);
3. Opportunity to enter "My name" in the settings;
4. Support for problems with a fixed solution allows you to create and solve a large number of tactical puzzles with the local goal (e.g. to capture a piece).
5. Support for chess books in PGN-format. At present there is a translation of A. Nimzovich, "My System" in PGN-format (in Russian). This book will be very useful for beginners chess.
6. User manual is updated.

All the puzzles that are supported by version, and supported by this release. Starting with this version of the problem will be posted separately on the site and will not be included in the install.

All available data for the software (games with comments, problems, the book) will be posted on my website soon!

Need help with preparing content for pbchess (puzzles, commented games, books in PGN format).

For those who helped this program will be free.


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i have a chess app on my kindle, play against the computer or a friend (i'm assuming the friend has to use your kindle too) the computer is pretty easy though


With Kindle Fire coming out in a few days, we definitely need a app!

mburke wrote:

Thanks for the negative and unhelpful comment. And I bought my phone for talking, why would I need a chess app? But since you're obviously the type that likes to complain, I understand. The point is, it would be easy to program, since Kindle has limited capabilities anyways (only online chess and maybe articles/blogs). And since it would be easy, and people would use it (obviously not you), the real question is, why not? If you have a good objective reason for "why not," I'd sincerely like to hear it.

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I got a Kindle Touch a few days ago and I'm able to play Online Chess just fine. It's a small screen, of course, but it does the job. I haven't tried it with Live Chess yet, but since a wrong touch could really mess things up, I'm probably going to avoid it on my Touch.


There is an app for the Kindle fire. It looks to be the same as the one on my Android phone. I hope the app gets a re-write to take advantage of the larger screen. 


Hi stirfrymojo,

Are you playing Online chess on your Kindle Touch using the web browser or via an app?

I have a Kindle 3 (Keyboard) & would love to play chess on it (over WiFi) rather than on my iPhone's smaller screen


The kindle app store has lots of chess apps.  I have downloaded on my Kindle Fire iChess with hundreds of chess puzzles, Chess King with nice graphics, Chess Presso to play at, Rival Chess, Chess V, Chess Free, Genesis Chess, and to log onto  All of these chess apps are free.  You can also download SparkChess, ChessGenius, Zombie Chess, Chess Puzzles, Chess Pro V for a few dollars.


Hi rkhigam,

I just use the web browser. It takes a little patience, and some fine touch control, but I like it as a way of playing chess without having to get on the computer. I'm sure a proper app would be a lot better, but this works just fine for me!


pbchess-1.2.4 is released! Now works also with Kindle 4.



At last, pbchess-1.2.4 for Kindle Touch!


Get an iPad!

someoneor2 wrote:

Get an iPad!

Why? Does ipad have better chess program? I'm in doubts :) Besides eink display is much better for your eyes.

I've posted some videos for Kindle Touch here:

P.S. If you mean "using ipad for live chess", of cause ipad is mach better :)


How did you guys get pbchess to work with the Kindle Touch?  I'm following the directions to no avail. 



I've posted my reply at our forum here:


pbchess-1.2.5 for Kindle is ready!

See improvements here: