Lag in bullet games


First of all, site is amazing.

There is however a major issue when it comes to loosing time in bullet games. As those are 1 min games, every single second counts and 98% of the time when lag occurs player lose. For some reason I am having lag many times and can never maintain rating above 1900 as I lose about 30-40% because of this issue.

Can't there be some modification made, when lag or internet discconection occurs, that player wouldn't lose time for lets say 15-20 sec or so.

This is indeed a big issue, and I am sure other bullet players also experience this.


no feedback?


Seriously, this is getting fucking ridiculous. My bar is completely green, I'm on a 50mbit connection, and I'm losing 1 minutes games because of the lags. I make a move, the opponents seems to take 5 seconds and after he moves my time goes down WTF?! Just implemented a better client so that the client and server know when the data is received by the client from the server, so only the time I ACTUALLY take to make a move counts! This has been brought up so many times and still no reply apart from "we are really sorry". That is not what I paid for. 


In other sites one can setup formula to make sure that one is not playing folks with serious lag.  Here it seems that there is no way of doing this.  I make a move the opponent takes 40 seconds, due to lag, and then I am deducted time.  This has to be fixed.


I strongly susppect  when you are a free user  you have lag and when you are one of the very honest person who pay taxes to the lag disapear!!!!


It is nothing to do with your payment status: I am a Diamond user and suffering horribly with lag in bullet games. Sometimes I try making a few moves in the opening without waiting for the opponent to move, and find that 4 moves have taken 15 seconds. Or give mate with 10 seconds remaining and find I have lost on time.

But I'm dumb and still keep playing hoping it will go away. If things don't improve, I will not renew my subscription.


@@@@ this site

I keep waste my time here

For 2 months I lose all because of lag.

I went down from 1900 to 1500 because of lag


+ the support is never responsive

I have 12 Mb connection.

Lag is impossible.


It seems that a few months ago the lag on bullet was non existent. It ran clean and fast with premove. Now there is a weird lag, delay/stutter with moving etc. Something has definitely changed and it doesn't work very well.  I've not received any answer about this either.  I've changed absolutely nothing about my isp/speed/etc and I'm fully updated with my software.


I have peaked my bullet and it's all thanks to good internet connection.  however, ever since i experienced lag, my blitz rating went down like rocket fly.  It's unbelievably discouraging b/c time can affect everything, especially when your opponent has what seems like a lifetime to make a move where u only have literally 3 minutes to blitz, sounds unfair to me.


THIS IS INSANE.  I have gone from 13xx in bullet/blitz to 1050.  I'd say half of the time I have lost due to this STUPID lag issue. I am on WIFI for god's sakes.  Or AT&T network in the NYC metro area.  This NEVER happens anywhere else except this chess website.   FIX IT.  I AM A PREMIUM MEMBER.


It seems that I would forget this issue altogether if not for disturbing bullet affect, that is, a dramatic change in rating due to lag.  10 months later and I am still playing chess, must really wonder why sometime.


God, can somebody please fix the time lag in bullet. It's really aggrivating me, first I had 47 seconds on the first move because of lag, THEN the second time, it aborted my match because I wasn't responsive due to lag, this needs to be fixed now.

JackTheBlack wrote:

no feedback?

My feedback:

Another post on lag during bullet chess.  If you decide to play a 1 minute game online (over the interwebz) expect it to not always cooperate.  I have nver understood the "outrage" over losing .10's of a second. 

Has chess seriously sunk to this???

Mamzelle_Angelle wrote:

I strongly susppect  when you are a free user  you have lag and when you are one of the very honest person who pay taxes to the lag disapear!!!!

Incorrect...I am a paying member, and my connection is no better than when i wasnt a paying member.


After so many years there is no progress about that .BAD SITE !


I know this old, old thread... ..... But the lag is honestly continual, despite the fixes and upgrade ..... played numerous bullet for about a year now .... and it does seem worse?


The lag issue is "back" if it ever went away at all... I know earlier comments were about bullet games, but I am noticing this on 5 min blitz as well.


This all has to do with your computer and internet connection! I recommend using Google Chrome also.