Low on time sound is way too quiet.


I know I should be paying attention to the clock, but since it is so small and sometimes you are so absorbed in the match you rely on sound to let you know you are low on time. The alarm that plays when you are low on time is so discreet and quiet it might as well not be there at all, I often lose on time because I'm relying on the alarm to let me know I am low on time and usually I just end up losing with no warning.


Is there a way to customize the sound, make the clock larger or do something at all to help me with this problem?


Thanks in advance.

I didn't know that clock existed. :P

Just turn up your volume?

I agree with Padrino


Bumping so that staff can see, this is a big issue for me and if I'm going to keep spending my money on diamond memberships I'd like to at least consider improving their clocks.

I'd rather see a custom clock size option (bigger clocks) than a louder notice for low time. Part of the game is keeping track of your clock. Too much automation is bad. IMO there should be no warning at all.

i think you need to go on focus mode


YoloMode I play exclusively on Focus Mode! It certainly helps to tune iut every other distraction on the screen but sadly does nothing for the clock situation.

A bigger clock would also be a fix, having it on my peripheral vision would help a ton.


I agree.  It seems that all the themes play the same sound for low time.  Why a shaker instead of a sharp ding or something.  I don't acknowledge that shaker sound at all while I'm playing.


I can't believe this doesn't have more recognition & attention, I have the same issue & it's why I lose most of my bullet games


For me also, it is the main reason why I lose bullet games. The alarm is way too silent!




This is gnarly. This has been an issue since 2017. It seems like an easy thing to put in. We can change the sound of the pieces moving, but not the low sound noise? 
Poor form mates


I agree fully! I lose mostly on time because there's no audible sound when in time trouble. Please fix it, people!


I don't believe 'Low on time sound' exist