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Suggestion - Most Recent Blogs?!

  • #1

    I have just one suggestion. When someone, who's not so "famous" on chess.com, posts a blog you can't find it so easily as a normal post. 

    I suggest there would be a button where you would be able to switch from "posts" to "blogs".

    I made a picture as a comparison:

    You see blogs are not so popular as posts, because many members don't find them.

    What do you think? Your opinion?

  • #2

    Yup, that's very nice idea! How would it look like?

  • #3

    Next to the "Most Recent Post"...

  • #4

    Thanks for the support! ;)

  • #5

    I concur!

  • #6

    Well, almost. Make a toolbar/table thing on the other side of the page, nice and symmetrical.

  • #7

    The main blog page already orders the blogs that way; www.chess.com/blog

  • #8

    Martin, but it's so far away nobody can find. :)

  • #9

    It's too far away? I guess I'm a nobody ;)

  • #10

    You're "nobody". But 6M+ (actually 6,205,760 at the moment) aren't! :)


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