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My Favorite Color : Orange.

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    I think, I´ll write this text with my favorite and most used color of mine; orange.

    The reason to this action is, I have failed to use COLOR ORANGE since Chess.com exchanged from alpha to this beta-format.

    The COLOR ORANGE is one of my Group KingFischer 64´s symbol´s, Kingfisher´s, color, which We have used very much. In fact, all KF-Texts had it.

    Has Chess.com occupied / reserved COLOR ORANGE for only themselves ???!!!

    If that´s the truth, I propose Chess.com will remove the COLOR ORANGE from the color palette.

    Greetings from Finland

    by Lauri Aikio.


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    Sorry to hear that Lauri !!   Smile

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    I find the colour palette used by the beta system very wishy washy, lacking definition and brightness. Also when typing notes  the type (a wishy washy grey) is very faint.

    Change for changes sake yet again.

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    You mean like this?

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    KingFischer 64-Color Code : Orange, Turqoise(blue) & Black.

    Has Chess.com ruined all Our Formulas of Member Recruiting Invitation, News & Posts, Messages And All The Rest Team Textures ???!!!

    This text is written with ORANGE COLOR.

    Let´s see, if it´s published, too, with it.

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    What browser are you using?

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    Google Chrome.

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    The problem may be the italics. The italics have a default colour which overrides the orange. Try making the text orange before italicizing them.

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    Maybe don't make the text giant either. Those of us who have problems reading can adjust our browsers.

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    2nd try.

    3rd try.

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    So this means, I have to re-write all KF-Text for this beta-format.

    Oh dear.   Cry

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    Anyway, Thank You, Ivan.   Tongue out

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    Looks to me like you got it to work, italics and everything.

    I used to have a great picture of people around Oulu celebrating their team's championship in the SM-Liiga, but I can't find it


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    SmileSmileWink Don't you just love Beta more and more as every day goes by.

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    Only 2 MAJOR PROBLEMS for LA so far.    Undecided Smile

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    Lucky Lauri !

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    Making me think of Dutch Football ? :

    Image Detail

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