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    Please provide constructive feedback

    1) UI is too confusing and requires too many clicks with too many hidden options. Everything is sliding in and out. It took me forever how to set the rating options for live games.

    In the old app, everything was shown and you knew exactly where to click and what would happen. Go to live chess, set timing options, set max and min rating for match and start playing.

    2) The move history in portraint mode is on top in a single row. The two column view in the old version is much better and that's how games are universally presented everywhere on the web.

    3) No way to log out of live chess without logging out of the app? With the old app you could press the button on top right and it would log you out the live chess server. With the new app, you have to log out the app itself.


    In summary, new app is a step backwards in many ways. The settings menus look nothing like what Android guidelines say it should look like. Things are hidden everywhere. You should bring back the simple UI for the old app. Home screen for all the things you want to do. Make all the initial settings for new games visible. Remember those for defaults and make us be able to log out the chess server.

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    If it exist, I did not see, but...

    I would like an option to look at a list of my current games as a text list without the graphic of the board.

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    I'd like to see a mobile rating so I can play some live games without compromising my ratings

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    Wow, compared to the old mobile app, this is 1000% better. Why all of the complaints? Navigation is way better, and once you choose your new settings, it's smooth sailing. Two thumbs way up guys! Keep it up!

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    They need to start from scratch as they did with live chess years ago. Don't use too much make up in a ugly woman cause she will look uglier...

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    crash after tryingto start live game, and curious thing is,it says error log in after i have cancelled thegame and tried togo back to main screen. send the report and opened app again. appeared to have set the setting back onstandard! why??? have asus t200

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    WiJi wrote:

    crash after tryingto start live game, and curious thing is,it says error log in after i have cancelled thegame and tried togo back to main screen. send the report and opened app again. appeared to have set the setting back onstandard! why??? have asus t200

    ps. set theme back to wood again, but had to download thetheme all over again apperently...

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    Try this in the Android app:

    1. Open the app
    2. Go to Lessons
    3. Expand Beginner, select Beginner: Rules and Basics
    4. Start The Royal Game
    5. Read the text and click Start Lesson

    Now. What am I supposed to do? The text does not imply what to do, other than clicking Next, but that is not an option, on my Android (Samsung Galaxy S4) it is only a Hint button.
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    how do I get rid of these annoying new game pop ups? if I click on live game there is a huge pop up to start a new game, same with daily. is there no home screen to manage my games without having these pop ups? also, this app is very poorly designed. the menus and options are extremely messy and the new game pop ups are very annoying. I end restarting many new games by accident due to the pop ups. the app needs to be redone in a more simple manner and with less new game spam.

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    I like the neon board.  the submit button on the right side vs on the left (what it use to be) threw me off big time in the beginning.  Made me make some crucial mistakes. 

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    constructive feedback: thank you for giving us back old (working) android version, I have now turned off auto-update and will not update until bugs sorted, suggest others to do the same. Excellent idea to have a parallel beta version for the lucky ones not having issues

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    Just last night i had to force shut down, uninstall app because it went berzerk on me....have the old version and like it just fine.  miss the neon board tho.  :)

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    what's up with No stats showing anymore? At least should have the basic stats free users had before. Sad grab for more $

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    It shows poor and irresponsible technologists in this world who will make us gueni pigs all the time

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    why will it not let me leave live chess. I don't need this running 24/7 and starting live games automatically every time I open the app. please fix this.

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    Hi staff, I like the new app's interface and will probably get a diamond membership again because of chessmentor and all, but there's one issue with it. It doesn't seem to allow unrated live games, which I need on my phone due to connection troubles. Will this be added? Thanks

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    Thanks for making the old version available, hopefully that is the last time I lose a game because the move is not registered with the server, despite showing on the board on my tablet.

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    Where is the "try again" button for the chess mentor android app?

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