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New iPad Retina Graphics Update

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    It would be good to get the chess.com application updated to include nice, sharp retina graphics as chess pieces etc. look quite blocky at the moment.

    I know, I know, firstworldproblem ;)

    If someone at chess.com could let me/us know if this is in the works, hopefully it shouldn't be too much work to implement the extra assets.


    -- Dan.

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    Any update on this???

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    You can increase the boeard size in options. Retina display is nothing special, its just higher res. I have a PC with 1920x1080 (laptop) and a PC screen with 2560x1600. Its the same problem with all websites, they are made for smaller resolutions. Get used to it.

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    I'm talking about the iOS app not the website.

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    Agree, new ipad retina support would be nice

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