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Office_Chick banned

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    Glad to hear I'm not alone on that Smile

    Just an added thought, after reading posts about "modern attitudes" and so forth... As others have pointed out, this is a chess site meant for chess. I don't think that it is a place to be pushing agendas or boundaries (unless they are about chess). There are also guidlines on many other things such as not discussing religion or politics. I personally love to discuss both, but out of respect for the site, the mods, and the users here, I follow the guidlines and keep my posts relevant (or try to). If someone finds me out of line, I will absolutely listen and change my behaviour as I understand that this is not only an all ages site, but a global site. We all share a love of chess, but also come from a range of backgrounds and cultures, so simply because one culture finds something acceptable and appropriate does not mean the same for another. This is very important to understand.

    ...Anyway I feel like I am preaching. Sorry about that, it's not what I meant to do.

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    Disgruntled_Sheep wrote:
    .... If someone finds me out of line, I will absolutely listen and change my behaviour ......

    Yeah, if you don't pick up a life ban.

    I agree, action should be taken, but it should be proportionate.

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    Point taken, and I agree that a warning should be issued first.

    I like everyone else here however have no idea of the circumstances. As I said in my first post, there is a high probability that she was warned (more than once), perhaps there were several people in that handful that saw the images and complained to mods. Once again, it is all speculation. But the mods do have the right to ban people for inappropriate behaviour, we all ticked the box labelled "I agree" to terms and conditions. I see this as very black and white, but I can accept that others don't see it the same way as me. Surely however, it is better to err on the safe side and just not post nude pics just in case there are some people on this big planet who might find that offensive?? There might even be some here on chess.com Innocent

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    This is a family site and we all know families are never naked.

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    Berder wrote:
    bigpoison wrote:
    -kenpo- wrote:

    I find modern society's attitude toward nudity and sex rather comical. 

    Why qualify the statement with "modern"?  Humans have been weird as hell about this stuff for a really long time!

    Not really, for example the fixation over bare female breasts is fairly recent.  In pre-Victorian society the legs were considered much more taboo.

    Why differentiate, I've been fixated on both all my life! ;0)

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    Sally_Ubatz wrote:

    I think the Original Poster is not telling us the whole story.  Based on the responses on this thread, it appears the "Office Chick" not only posted several nude images, but she posted several nude images of herself on the site.  Why would she do this? 

    The original poster also said that they were not posted in forums.  Where were the photos posted then? 

    We would like more information as to the content of the photographs and the circumstances surrounding their posting.  Who took these photographs?  Was it the oringal poster?  How was "Office Chick" posing in these photographs?  What exactly was she wearing?  What was in the background of these photographs?  Was there anyone else in the photos?  Were there any siumlated sex acts?

    I think it is time for the Original Poster to come clean about all this stuff.

    All good points...but your sounding a little desperate my friend!  :0)

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    You break the rules you get punished...that's it...somehow we feel that "being popular/nice" that this gives you special consideration ala Lance Armstrong.

    BTW I have received a number of e-mails on this site, which I can only describe as "from hookers looking for business"...somehow a subset of us feel that this site is open to anything...I support chess.com all the way.

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    If you google her profile, and check images, you can find the pics in question. And this is why kiddies, you never post saucy photos to the Internet ... They will come back to haunt you! 5 years from now, this conversation will happen ..."Dude, I so totally saw your moms junk on the Internet"

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    I tried that and:

    a ninja duel in a flaming dojo

    Kirk fighting the Gorn

    A viking pointing somewhere

    Somebody washing puppies

    Several non-nude pictures of women.

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    yeah post the link so all the children can see it.

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    At this point I am more interested in the flaming ninjas personally.

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    @ Jesterville.....I agree with you 100% .....its a shame  though

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    That hedgehog really should get some clothes on!

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    Hi SirFelisCatus

    I apologize for the loss of your friend.  I was the one who reported her and with good reason. 

    She posted naked pictures of pretty much every body part of hers on her photo album page.  And right next door were photos of her kids. Undecided

    Now I'm most probably the last person who can pass moral judgment on any parent (since I am not one myself), but there are a lot of kids on this website and exposure to such trash is uncalled for.  Also, she was posting notes on the profile page of a very popular (and influential) National Master which was an open invite to her profile page. I can't speak for everyone, but if I were a chess coach I most certainly would not want to be affiliated with such a person.

    Furthermore, if I was a parent and my 9-year old son had to call me to the computer to show me that trash, I would have gone super sayan five with rage and anger.  If her intensions are to pick up men to satisfy her needs outside the game of Chess, there are other, and perhaps more suitable websites to choose from.

    If you are a parent reading this, Chess.com does offer a 100% safe alternative for kids you can check out: http://www.chesskid.com/

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    theunsjb wrote:
    ... I would have gone super sayan five with rage and anger.


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