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On games history is there a way to show only rated games?

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    I was curious today about my winning and losing percentage when playing rated games. I know there is a running number of games won, lost and drawn but these do not differentiate betw. rated and unrated games.

    I opened a game just to see if one could tell from looking at the game if it was rated or unrated. But other than saying it was standard and the time, etc. it's not even shown there.

    Surely there must be somewhere where a member (Premium at that) can go on-site to see which games were rated and get a total of those?

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    The Finished Games list can be filtered into several classes ...

    • Turn-Based Games
    • Live Games
    • Live Games (bullet)
    • Live Games (blitz)
    • Live Games (standard)
    • Tournament Games
    • Team Match Games
    • Chess960 Games

    but not into rated or unrated.

    You can determine whether an individual game was rated or not, by looking at the Details tab for that game.

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    That's too bad. I wonder how much work it would be to "tweak" the software? As it is, if I wanted to, say, calculate my percentage of won vs. lost games for rated games only, I'd have to go thru every single one of the 70+ games I've played to date, open up that game and look to see if it is rated. The least that could be done, it seems to me, is to put rated or unrated somewhere next to the game on the list, not inside the game itself.


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