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Resigning in votechess

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    Here is an excellent suggestion I copied from Public Forum in the current Android vs. iPhone votechess game.

    5 hours ago


    That's why the resignation rules are broken right now, the good players leave the team and what's left is those who know that the way to get better at chess is to hope that your opponent will die of an heart attack.

    There's no way to reach 60%, it should at most be 50%, or even better it should win when it gets more votes than the most popular move.

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    or perhaps, any player who votes for more than (3 or so) moves, and then votes resign, has their resign vote automatically counted for all future moves?

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    Only problem I have with that is something may happen in the game. The opponents may screw up. And you not want to resign anymore.

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    I agree with varelse1. I have voted to "resign," and then subsequently voted

    for a specific move because what happened in the game made me feel my team should keep going!

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    And Allegretta knows how to pronounce foreign words, like Giuoco Piano. So she must be smart!

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    I didn't mean to be locked to a vote of resign.. just that you automatically resign until you make a diffrent vote(I'm sure a significant number of resign voters, stop looking at the game after 1-3 resign votes)

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    Okay, I gotya Niki.'

    Other problem there is the Trolls.

    have you seen the votes to resign in even the most dominating positions?

    Happens every move, every game, both sides. I would hate to have that vote locked in, even though the troll has gotten bored and moved on to other games, trolling them. I think those votes would really pile up after a while.

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    if they have to make 3-5 votes first.. most trolls don't have that much dedication.   the ones that do, would just manually vote resign anyway, when they come to check the status of their troll

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    LOL good point.

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    I don't think any vote should be "locked in," on principle.

    Also, regarding another idea being discussed, a few

    ad hoc "resigns" shouldn't be the end of the world, either, for any side. I've

    seen 400 votes for some move, and then people getting upset about 2 votes for

    "resign" amidst these. C'mon!!! the trolls or whomever

    just vote that because they have nothing better to do. (or as Varelse1 said, " their mommies didn't hug them enough!"  -- don't know if I have his comment exactly worded right, but.) 

    If the move already has 400 votes, it's gonna

    work! the outburst is probably exactly what the trolls are hoping for!

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    On the other hand, where were the trolls when the recent Votechess 960

    black team fell short by less than 1% when actually seeking to resign, a move

    or so before they finally were able to?Wink


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