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Site help difficult to find

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    The site help/support section is buried - below forums.  I can understand how support can be forum-related, but if I'm looking for help on a feature, it needs to be reachable from the main page.    Perhpas have a separate tab to the right of "more".   

    It's taken me weeks to find it - because I don't go into forums much - and when I do, it's usually by way of "unanswered posts" or "hot topics".   

    The search doesn't help much - it takes me to chess topics but doesn't get me to help.  Before I found it in the forum, I had to find it externally, through google.    

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    It could have a drop-down menu with direct links to the threefold repetition, insufficient material and en passant rules.

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    I think the positives of chess.com outweight the negatives - one of which is the website is incredibly 'busy'.  Overly complex and and non-intuitive, like it was designed by chess players! HA!  No human factors taken into account.  I thought they were working on that but their recources may be going into their mobile applications, which, by the way, are updated regularly and are quite good.  

    I play more on my phone than anywhere else (computer or tablet).

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    Designed by chess players - oh yea...*slaps self on head*.    

    My note was intended to give a suggestion to make it better.   Nothing is ever perfect, and it helps to know what people are experiencing.  I'm sure they don't have a huge QA staff.  

    Maybe I'll put a suggested menu system together and pass it on, or post it in the forum for discussion.   Not that they would have to do it, but we can discuss what works well and what doesn't.  

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    "The site help/support section is buried - below forums."


    No it's not. A link to Help & Support, just as at very many sites, is posted on the very bottom of every page:

    Home | Chess Topics | About | FAQs | Help & Support | Site Map

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    Wow, it took WEEKS for you to find the help section? Surprised I completely agree with Batgirl here, I mean, like she said: it's right on the bottom of EVERY page on Chess.com!

    But then again, everyone has their off days... or in Tzard's case, off weeks... Tongue out It's good that you slapped your head, man.

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    Hmmm...I don't think Amazon ever makes me dig down to the bottom of the page for help.  If you want to model a site that makes things EASY for people, look at Amazon.  There's a reason their stock is up.

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    Try playing chess at Amazon.

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    Guys, if you're gonna complain about stuff like this, don't do it in the forums - if you feel this issue is really important, why don't you tell the staff members? If you tell them about this, maybe they will do something about it. Personally, I think it's not a problem at all to scroll to the bottom of a page to find help... not that I've needed it much, I only checked the help section a time or two, maybe three, but that's all.

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    Come on folks - if i can't make feedback and suggestions in the "site feedback and suggestions" section of the forum, where can I make it?    It seems this is exactly the place to inform staff of suggestions.  If there's another - let me know.   (and if there is, that's another problem)

    This was just an observation and a suggestionto make things better.  It was not meant as a "complaint" - I did offer a suggestion to fix the problem after all.    

    And it does appear having it in the forum is a good place, because someone pointed me in the right direction to the bottom of the page.

    If you don't mind, I'll keep making suggestions right here, despite the complaints.  

    Followup:   It seems part of the problem is the "woodboard" theme I have chosen which, after choosing it obscures the "white text" at the bottom.  The standard theme makes it slightly more visible.   But still, I don't think I'd scroll all the way down to find help.    After all, all the other stuff (besides the boilerplate legal and copyright) is typically on the menu bar.

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    Top: Most often used buttons, adverts, help, menu.

    Bottom: Corporate stuff, FAQs, help wanted, legal.

    'site feedback and suggestions" section of the forum:  good place for feedback and suggestions, imo.

    'nuff said


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