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Threefold Repetition

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    Was not able to claim a draw via the draw offer button by threefold repetition on making my 63rd move, despite attaining the same position with the same person to move, me, on the 59th, 61st, and 63rd move.

    I don't care, but I'm sure some would, and the option should exist to claim a draw in such situations according to the rules of chess.


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    On move 59 the king is on b4, on 61 and 63 it's on b3

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    First! lol

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    ok, but on 63...kc3 it is the third time the position has been reached with white to move.

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    I think you're right.

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    Report it to chess.com, or notify your opponent of it and offer a draw.

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    What am I missing, here? The first time, move 59, the black king was on b4. The second and third times, moves 61 and 63, the black king was on b3. Where's the third repetition?

    Edit: never mind, I'm just blind, I see it.

    Edit 2: and missed 2 other people missing it in the same thread, too. Deep joy.


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