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Tie-Break Score Detailed Info

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    I have some feedback concerning the information provided in the help section regarding the Tie scoring methods for Live Chess Tournaments. While it does in fact state some relative material for the Online Correspondence Chess Tournaments as well as link to a store of information pertaining to the various methods that do exist in general, there does appear to be a common consistency amongst chess.com players, as well as the few staff volunteers that I have spoken with pertaining to this topic, as to the precise formulas used to determined the Tie score in the Live Tournaments.

    It may be that many would really love to know the methods and details used as well as have access to a Tie scoring graph or calculator perhaps that might help us determine by what means this score is processed.

    Thank you very kindly for you time.          - Haesthlin

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    Is live tie break different than on-line tie break?

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    I believe that they are different 'wbilfc'. Although the chess.com help files do not mention any methods other than the Neustadtl for the scoring of Tie-breaks across the site (be it Online or Live), it seems in my experience with online tournaments I have been mathematically able to sum up the same numeric score as the site has input in the Tie column. However when it comes to the live tournaments I just cannot make sense of how the score is being calculated! Perhaps a staff member or a creator of this glorious site could assist us in helping to understand this factor of play?

    Thank you = )                                              - Haesthlin

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    Thank you Haesthlin to ask for that. Also for me it's in the dark side !

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    I can't understand why they have two!

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    In other sports like tennis, Tie break appens when equality. First tour for one and second for the other. Then a decisive game ( tie break ) is needed to design a winner ! My interrogation comes from the Holly Heisman tournament : i wan the first tour against an other player and lost the revenge, i was expecting a third game as ( tie break ) but nothing comes. It's an open question with no response at the time ...

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    Chess.com tie break is quite different, it is a method of apportioning a tie break score when u beat the stronger players in ur group. For on-line ur tie break score is simply the sum total of the points of the opponents u beat plus half the score of the opponents u draw.

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    Thank you wbilfc to respond to me. And many thanks to Haesthlin to open that question. But what appens of the age of the captain ??? Tie break is still on the dark side ...

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    Hello wbilfc . In french, when a question is unswared, we ask of the age of the captain. It's a joke ! It's lke to ask for the sex of the angels.

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    Ok. Got it? :0)

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    I  got it but i don't agree for it. I follow the rules even i think it's stupid !

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    Why stupid? Seems logical to me.

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    You guys have totally taken this off topic!! lol 


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