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    As the title, really...

    I've migrated to Windows Phone 8 from iOS and there's no chess.com application... :(

    It would look fantastic on there... any news?

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    Yes, I too have made the switch to Windows Phone 8 (NOKIA Lumia 822) but from an Android. Now just missing my Chess.com app!

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    Don't hold your breath, this site hates Microsoft for some reason IMO, just look at all the other threads where they say they have no plans on supporting the new OS.

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    Just thought id add to this thread as ive also migrated to Windows 8 phone. Surely the site owner must make enough money out of subscriptions to develop a Windows 8 package? 

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    Hope that the port is in the works. Mobile chess on large 4.5 inch screen devices like Lumia 920 is so much better than the fiddly small 3.5 inch of other phones. I have not read any where yet that there is no plan to support WP8!?

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    Just seen from this other post that WP8 is in the works, maybe 3 months away from a working version.

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